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Tanglewood Nurseries LLC, based in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, was founded in 2010.   

'Pop" Freeman, the family's patriarch purchased the land from the original owner in 1945, according to Mom.  To the surprise of many, the original owner was a Native American, not who you might think.  Pop came to Oklahoma via covered wagon in the early 1900's and lived in the Tanglewood area, west of Sand Springs, most of his life.

The land is located in the rich bottom land of the Arkansas River.  It's a beautiful place where Bald Eagles come to roost, raise their young and fish the Arkansas.  Pop specialized in raising watermelons and okra.  Notably, during the season, the Arkansas produces some of the best Striped Bass fishing around. And, during the season, Duck Dynasty has nothing on us, either.

With 20 acres of bottom land that grows grass faster than you can imagine, we decided it was better to plow than mow.  Hence, we decided to convert the land to growing trees.  

We look forward to everybody dropping by.  We enjoy meeting our neighbors and hearing the apologies from the old timers for stealing Pops' watermelons back in the day. 

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